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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return my order if I don’t like the products?

Of course – you have 14 days to return your products. Please refer to our RETURNS tab for more detailes information.

What is your order processing time?

If the product you like is available for purchase, it means we have it in stock and it is ready to be shipped to your door within 2 business days.

The product I like is out of stock – will it be back?

If the product you like is out of stock, please refer to the product page – we try to keep it up do date and include information about estimated re-stock dates.

Are the mounting screws included

Unless the product page states otherwise, our handles come with matching mounting screws (m4, 25mm)

Do your handles fit IKEA furniture?


How to care for brass cabinet handles?

The handles should be cleaned regularly with a damp, soft cloth or, if necessary, with a damp cloth using a very mild, alcohol-free cleaning agent.

Rough surfaces and brushes should not be used to clean varnished handles in order to avoid mechanical damage to the surface and abrasion of the varnish.

Handles which consist of several screw-in elements should be dismantled regularly, and all crevices where dirt or other substances which could affect the durability of the desired colour may accumulate should be cleaned.

Mechanical damage of any kind, which may break or damage the protective varnish layer, should also be avoided.

This is especially important in rooms with higher humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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